World Maker Faire 2014 from my perspective. Boy was it fun!

This was my second year at World Maker Faire in NYC with Christopher ‘KermMartian’ Mitchell and Thomas ‘Elfprince’ Dickerson, and it was another wonderful productive year spreading the word about using graphing calculators for more then just learning and doing math! Our goal was to spread the word of using them as a programming learning tool to help get students, teachers, and individuals interested and engaged in learning to program with a device that is fully self-contained and easy to work with. This way when they go to learn another programming language they already have a background in basic skills like variable management and code organization.

So now to be a little less formal!

This year we had some new more professional-looking displays and a new banner to go with it!

Group Photo!

Not to much new in the side of displays. We had our FloppyTunes and audio, our interactive calculators for all the games you could ever want, and the trusty old networking displays!

1Bit music yay!

Sadly for day 2 FloppyTunes got a little wet and was not working :(. Got to love fried stepper motors.

OH god the children

So many children and adults! Oh well at least they all had fun!

Ping time 9001ms

The amount of kids who want to cheat on tests with this stuff is appalling. Glad I never cheated. Don’t expect my network stuff to let you..easily :P

Sadly this is only a small taste of what happened at World Maker Faire 2014 but all in all, it was an awesome year! I got to host a friend and fellow administrator from Omnimaga and spend some time getting to know the person I have called my fellow dictator for the last 3 years :P. World Maker Faire 2015 will be here soon; I can not wait to see what that has in store!!

Oh and the legends… They do exists

Pheonix <33