This project is a port of Scognito’s wonderful Wii homebrew game Scogger to the Ti-8x Series line of graphing calculators! Which can be found Here

Hey its working!

This project is currently in a pre-alpha state.

Current Features

  • 10 levels
  • 4 level grayscale graphics

Missing Features/ToDo list

  • Include The other 90 levels
  • Add in an in game help
  • Fix the about screen
  • Add in other game modes
  • And much much more.

How to play:

The goal of Scogger is to remove all the lily pads from the screen by jumping on them. You can move forward, left, and right but not backwards, with no jump distance limit!


  • Dpad - Move
  • 2nd - Select menu item
  • Mode - Restart
  • Del - Quit/Go back to menu

Where to get it?

It is available on the cemetech file archives located here